Triscott Educational Serives Integration/Inclusion training

CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support
Training & Assessment

How long will it take me to complete the training?

The training program involves approximately 600 hours and is delivered over a 42 week period

The program is specifically designed for delivery via a series of in-class, fully facilitated workshops.

The in-class program is delivered over a period of 15 x 5.5 hour in-class sessions – generally on a weekly basis within school term dates.

  • Workshop sessions will be delivered using a combination of:
    • individual and group activities
    • simulations
    • skill practice sessions
    • written assessments
    • oral questioning - lead by the facilitator
    • project based assessment activities
  • For accreditation purposes, students are required to successfully complete a range of assessment and research tasks and a 100-hour work-placement (details below)
  • Students will undertake study, research and work-placement requirements in their own time – outside of the scheduled classes – to supplement the classroom delivery and to develop the required competencies.

How will I be assessed?

  • Assessment is a necessary part of the training for the Certificate III in Education Support.
  • Students will be assessed with a combination of written work, projects, case studies, in-class activities, portfolios, on-the-job tasks, workplace observations, supervisor reports.

Students will be provided with a copy of the Triscott Certificate III in Education Support work-book

  • The work-book includes a copy of the learning and assessment materials for each unit.
  • Students are expected to work through the material, completing any relevant learning activities.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer

RPL recognises what the individual has already learned from other courses, life experiences, work experience, any training provided in the workplace and measures it against the units of study of the Certificate III in Education Support.

Students who have completed units from a course at another RTO will be granted Credit Transfer on presentation of an original Statement of Attainment or verified transcript award.

Am I required to complete a Work-placement?

  • The knowledge and skills students develop in the workshop sessions will be reinforced during a mandatory 100-hour (minimum) work-placement in an education setting – supervised by a qualified staff member.
  • Students are required to organise their own work-placements in an appropriate setting. • Students have access to a range of employers who are willing to support their work-place learning and assessment.
  • The work-placement tasks are a combination of observations, reflections, accessing relevant information from the educational setting and practical tasks related to student learning and classroom management.
  • Students are required to obtain a voluntary worker ‘Working with Children Check’.
  • Students will be responsible for the costs of any such checks or any additional statutory requirements.
  • When beginning their training, students are encouraged to think about their work-placement. However, the first five in-class training sessions will provide students with the knowledge and understandings they will need to make a positive contribution to the classroom and the school environment. The work-placement provides students with an opportunity to put their new skills into practice.

Privacy statement

  • Protecting an individual’s privacy and personal information (that is, the privacy of students, trainers and assessors) is important to Triscott management and staff.
  • Triscott endeavours to maintain the highest level of confidentiality of the information it collects from students.
  • Triscott privacy policy supports and endorses the national and state privacy standards.
  • Personal information on the enrolment forms is required by the government for statistical purposes.
  • Students who require access to their training records need to provide Triscott Educational Services’ administration with a written request. The information will be available within 7 working days.

Evaluation Forms

Student feedback is collected and analysed:

  • To assist with continuous improvement processes, students are given opportunities to provide feedback
  • During the course and at course completion − students are provided with Norrish-Reid Services feedback forms in their resource work-books
  • Feedback data is also collected via the AQTF Learner and Employer questionnaires when students have completed their work-placements

Complaints and Appeals

  • Students have a right to discuss any concerns. If the concern cannot be resolved, a grievance form is available from Triscott Educational Services.
  • Triscott will ensure that any complaints (should they arise) are handled fairly and efficiently. All concerns will be given due respect.
  • Any complaint and its outcome will be recorded in writing. A written statement of the appeal’s outcome – including reasons for the decision – will be provided to all parties The Norrish-Reid evaluation form (included in the work-book) provides students with an opportunity to express their concerns unanimously.

Complaints and Appeals Procedure:

The complaint and appeal procedures relate to the delivery of training and/or the assessment process. The student is required to initiate the following:

  • Discussion with the relevant trainer/assessor about the grievance, complaint or appeal
  • If the grievance, complaint or appeal cannot be resolved through an initial discussion, then it can be taken to the CEO of Triscott

If the grievance, complaint or appeal cannot be resolved at the CEO level, the matter will then be referred to the Triscott Board of Management.

If the grievance, complaint or appeal cannot be resolved internally, the CEO will advise the student of the appropriate body where the student can seek further assistance.

Each grievance, complaint or appeal and its outcome will be recorded in writing (and filed electronically) and each appellant will have an opportunity to present their case before an independent person or panel.

Nationally reognised training

Triscott Educational Services is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO 6937) Registered with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA). All Triscott training is nationally recognised. Contact Triscott Educational Services: or 03 5962 2848.